Automotive Sales Representative Recruiting Services for Hire!

car-sales-recruitment-servicesThe average annual dealership turnover rate for salespeople is 60%, it’s hard to find and retain good people.

Finding talented salespeople can be exhausting and time consuming and it’s even harder trying to find representatives for the automotive industry.

Our staffing solutions will help you find salespeople for your dealership so that you can focus on other projects that directly generate revenue. Our automotive recruiting team will work hard to quickly find you qualified salespeople that are motivated and ready to work!

Why did we create this service?

The founder, Trena V. Stubbs started her career in the car industry. As an Internet Sales Manager, part of her job was to hire and train new sales people. This was in fact the hardest part of her job because finding great car salespeople isn’t like most industries and for the most part, the title itself has a really bad reputation.

During her time as an Internet Sales Manager, she tried several tactics like ad posting, radio commercials and even hiring recruiting firms, but none of those methods seemed worthwhile. A year before she left the industry, she figured out the secret sauce in attracting qualified car salespeople. This method has been tried and tested with various dealerships across the globe and all campaigns have been successful.

Car Sales Recruiting Packages

We have two great recruiting options for our automotive clients. You can make your payment by clicking on the “Order Now” button below your package of choice. If you would prefer to order via phone, feel free to contact us at 866-874-3647.

Recruiting Agency Support
We use our secret sauce to attract qualified candidates (don't worry it's 100% ethical)
We submit all of the resumes to your hiring manager.
At least 50 sales candidate resumes
"The Art of Hiring & Keeping Quality Sales Representatives" Ebook
2 week turnaround time
New hiring resource manual filled with great website links and interview tools
Resume replacement option feature. We will provide replacement resumes if your dealership doesn't schedule interviews with at least 10 quality sales candidates.
Guaranteed satisfaction
Full Service Recruiting
We use our secret sauce to attract qualified candidates (don't worry it's 100% ethical)
We filter through all of the applicants and select the best candidates.
We conduct the initial phone interviews.
We ensure that all of the potential candidates have a valid driver’s license and can pass a standard background check.
Selected candidate online evaluation
We set and confirm all of the face to face interviews based on a schedule you provide.
End of campaign report to track success
Guaranteed satisfaction

Why use our staffing services?

automotive rep recruitingOur staffing services are customized to meet the individual needs of your dealership. We have years of experience working with automobile dealers and have the resources available to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our services.

Studies say that for every 1 salesperson hired, a dealership can spend anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 in ad posting and the labor associated with interviewing potential sales candidates.

Contact us today for a solution that is guaranteed to bring you the type of sales representatives you need at a cost that actually makes sense.

Still not convinced?

If this sounds like a bunch of hooey and you still need some additional convincing, fill out our contact form below to get 5 free resumes or 1 interview set up for your dealership. This service is absolutely FREE. We believe in our services and have no problem letting you sample the pie!

To take advantage of this free offer, click the button below. Once you click the button, you’ll be taken to a short form. This form gives us all of the details we need to get started on your free mini campaign.


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